Find local accessible home modification services for you and your loved ones

Reimagining physical space as care.

Rosarium Health™ is a platform that connects service providers (home contractors and occupational therapists) to clients to complete accessible home assessments and accessible home modifications at a client's primary home, rental property, or at their business. Rosarium Health™ strives to create a barrier-free world for people of all ages.

How to use Rosarium Health™

Rosarium Health™ provides two ways for both clients and providers to find a match for their accessible home modification needs.

builder silhouetteProviders

  • Be Found by Clients

    Create a business profile, showcase your services, and clients will search and reach out to you

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  • Find Clients

    Browse job requests uploaded by clients. Once you select “Connect with client”, you will view the client’s contact info and can communicate with them on the platform.

    Sign Up for a provider account and log in to search for client job requests

client silhouetteClients

  • Be Found by Service Providers

    Create a job request with details of your home accessibility project needs and have providers reach out to you directly.

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  • Find Service Providers

    Browse the business profiles of vetted occupational therapists and contractors and send them to a job request.

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