Rose FAQs

What is the difference between an accessor and a contractor?

An accessor is a service provider who can perform an accessible home modification assessment. This means they can enter the home and use the context of the home (layout, design, etc.) and the context of the client (physical capabilities, navigation needs) to determine the types of changes that can be made to improve the client's living situation. Rose uses only Occupational Therapists as accessors on our platform. They are mastered level professionals who are formally trained to perform these home assessments.

A contractor is a service provider who can perform the physical changes in the home to create a living space that is more accessible for the client. They will be physically installing grab bars, widening doors, installing ramps, etc. All Rose contractors are licensed in their states of operation.

Additionally, many Rose service providers (both Occupational Therapists and Contractors) are Certified Living in Place Professionals (CLIPP) and/or Certified Aging in Place Specialists. This signifies that the service providers have been specifically trained in accessible home modifications for clients.