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5 Key Disability Advocate Organizations in Texas

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Texas is one of the states that have extremely beneficial rights for people with disabilities. According to the American Community Survey 2021, 3.5 million Texans suffer with at least one disability. To defend the rights of such individuals, a whole force of enthusiastic and talented people is needed. 

Disability advocate organizations serve this purpose with the help of experienced and professional advocacy groups. In this blog post, you'll get everything you need to know about these groups and their duties. Afterwards, we'll help you narrow down the five best disability advocate organizations in Texas. 

What Are Disability Advocates And What Do They Do?

People with disabilities are an active part of our society. Therefore, they must be given equal opportunities to exercise their rights. While some states have specified certain services and rights for such individuals, their legal representation is complicated. Due to their mental, intellectual, or physical disabilities, such individuals are left behind in practicing their social and housing rights. 

That's where disability advocates come in for help!  

Primary Duties of A Disability Advocate

As a disability advocate, one must always be aware of the best ways to support disabled individuals. Following are some of the primary attributes that every disability advocate must possess:

  • Provide information about disability rights to the respective audience and help them judge where they face discrimination.
  • Seek solutions by speaking up and writing to relative organizations to increase awareness.
  • Help them with the complaint process and streamline the procedure of the enforcement of their rights.
  • Start campaigns about unfair treatment of human rights and make people aware of such situations. 

Why Is A Disability Advocate Organization Necessary?

Recent studies show that 54% of 75 or older Texans have some sort of disability. Such individuals may need assistance with advocating for themselves with government disability assistance programs or finding a job. Disability advocates are the perfect people for such aid. These individuals protect their legal rights—provided that the applicants are eligible.

In Texas, qualifying for these benefits isn't easy at all. You'll have to assure the state that you have a disability. For some people, it can become frustrating, and that's another reason why advocacy groups are there. 

They can appeal for your case, appear before a judge, and help you get legal aid for disability. An ideal organization will help its clients in the following scenarios: 

  • Disability advocacy and consultation
  • Home care and health services
  • Medicinal aid services/Nursing
  • Legal support with disability benefits

5 Funded Disability Organizations In Texas

Now that you know the importance of disability organizations, you may want to reach out to one for you or a loved one. But wait, before choosing a disability advocate, ensure that the source is credible and they know what they're doing. Here are 5 Texas disability organizations that make accessibility to disability rights easier. 

1. Texas Disability Advocates

Texas Disability Advocates is one of the biggest names in Texas organizations that help individuals with disabilities. The company is known for its highly user-friendly support that helps easily preserve the human rights of disabled individuals. The best part about this organization is that it does not take users' fees unless they obtain their SSDI benefits from the state. 

The team analyzes your claim and develops a solid plan to assist you in it. Their personal service of one-on-one meetings, frequent reports, and honest answers help you trust their services even more. 

2. OlmsteadRights

OlmsteadRights is a well-established organization with numerous funders and partners. It was an Olmstead case in 1999 that led to the Supreme Court decision on the Americans with Disabilities Act. Since then, the organization has helped millions of people with and without disabilities across the United States. 

Considering that OlmsteadRights initiated the government's response regarding disability rights, it becomes clear that its advocacy groups will always be aware of the process they are striving for. That is why, OlmsteadRights is one of the most premium and trusted disability advocate organizations.

3. Federally Funded P&A Organization

Protection and Advocacy organization agency is a whole group of service providers. The Texas state-specified P&A Organization is DRTx. Disability Rights Texas (DRTx) is one of the biggest parts of the federally funded P&A system. 

80% of its funds ($15,158,580) come from the federal government, making it the most trustworthy and credible option among its contenders. DRTx is an active member of the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN), which tells us that the organization will be perfect for securing and expanding disability rights. 

4. Aging and Disability Resource Centres (ADRCs)

ADRCs are the best approach for landing long-term service support designated to older individuals with disabilities. Apart from getting long-term fiscal support, the ADRCs help people with disabilities to get home care services for accessible home modifications. The fact that this service provider is oriented explicitly towards making life easier for older individuals directs a certain audience around it. 

5. The Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)

The Statewide Independent Living Council is a part of the National Council on Independent Living. Like all the other states, Texas also has a SILC filled with government-appointed members. 

The organization of Texas is working for the independent rights of people with disabilities within the state. For this purpose, The State Plan For Independent Living is used. It is a three-year-long strategic plan used for better counseling of the human rights of such individuals. 

Remember These Things Before Opting for A Disability Advocate!

Disability rights advocacy may not be everyone's cup of tea. Many people get scammed by untrustworthy organizations around the world. Before getting legal help for disabled persons, you should remember the following things:

  • Always try to go for credible sources that are getting funds from multiple partners. 
  • Make sure you never pay any fee in advance if you're unsure about the credibility of the disability advocate organization. 
  • Consult extensively with the organizational members and analyze whether they get your point. Once you are given a descriptive overview of the solution, only then choose the service. 
  • Always try to go for a federally funded disability advocacy organization, as they are the most credible out of them all. 


Disability advocate organization is the best approach to protect and extend the rights of people with disabilities. For selecting an ideal service provider, we've given you a list of credible organizations above. But wait! We've got another perfect way to assist your loved ones! 

Rosarium Health is a platform that connects clients with respective service providers. Instead of going door to door to find the best disability advocacy organization, let us give you the optimum options for your special needs. Create an account, read through the proposals, and connect with the service provider of your choice right now!

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