Rosarium Health

We connect service providers with the people and homes that need them

Our network connects households with licensed home accessibility clinicians (occupational therapists and physical therapists) and home modification contractors to simplify the home modification process.

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Discover individuals in need

Through community engagement, Rosarium Health identifies individuals in need and encourages them to seek help through our online portal.

Assess home accessibility needs

Our skilled partner clinicians provide home accessibility safety assessments and support with care navigation.

Non-accessible staircase
Accessible staircase

Modify home

We work with licensed professionals to modify the home according to accessibility needs, improving patient’s independence.

How it works

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services are provided through the Rosarium Health network?

Rosarium Health is a professional services network that connects individuals in need with licensed professionals who can modify physical spaces according to accessibility needs. Our network of professionals includes occupational therapists, physical therapists, and licensed contractors.

  1. Home Accessibility Clinicians: occupational therapists and physical therapists who specialize in home accessibility, and perform home safety assessments to provide recommeded modifications tailored to individual needs
  2. Licensed Contractor: Specializes in major structural changes and renovations, both inside and outside the home. They are licensed, insured, and can handle permit requirements.
  3. Trained Installer: Expert in installing and maintaining specific equipment such as ramps, stair riders, grab bars, lifts, door openers, and elevators, with manufacturer training.
  4. Handyman: Handles non-structural improvements and renovations that don't require permits. They are licensed and insured, ideal for small to medium tasks.
  5. Flooring Specialist: Provides flooring consultation, materials, and installation.
  6. Lighting Specialist: Offers lighting consultation, fixtures, and installation.