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Barrier Free Hikes in Greater Phoenix

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Are you looking for some opportunities to get out and see some beautiful areas in the Phoenix area? Or maybe you want to be more connected with the vast hiking community within Phoenix. There are many kinds of hikes including nature walks, urban paths, and mountain trails. We will be consolidating lists to include a few of each! Whether you want to get out for exercise or to feel connected with nature we hope the below list will provide you some options on your next outing.

  1. Desert Botanical Garden
    • Reviews 4.5+ Average
    • 2.1-mile loop trail 
    • The gardens and trails are all considered accessible. Including wide paths, benches, and paved surfaces. The gardens are full of beautiful desert flora and it’s open year round. The biggest downside to this is the fee associated with the gardens. Otherwise it might be a beautiful place to stop and take a walk!

  1. Japanese Friendship Garden
    • Reviews 4.1+ Average
    • 0.4-mile loop trail 
    • This route might be small but it is the perfect place to come out and reflect in nature. This trail is considered quieter at certain times of the day so if a place with less sound matters to you you should consider this trail. The drawbacks of this is pets aren’t allowed on the trail and there is a small fee.

  1. Tempe Beach Park (Tempe Town Lake Trail)
    • Reviews 4.4+ Average
    • 7.4-mile Out & Back Trail
    • There are a couple of designated trails at Tempe Beach Park. However the one described as accessible is the Town Lake trail. This is a popular area where it’s likely you’ll come across many people. There’s benches, low grade inclines and the trail is paved. It is recommended to download the map of the trail beforehand as the trail is not well marked.

  1. Steele Indian School Park
    • Reviews 4.5+ Average
    • 12.9-mile Point to Point Trail
    • This is a paved trail with many entry points. It can be considered quieter at certain times of the day. There are certain spots along the trail with pretty pools to look at so you should decide where you want to start beforehand. One person noted that there isn’t any restrooms or water on the trail so come prepared!

  1. Reach 11 Barrier Free Nature Trail
    • Reviews 4.3+ Average
    • 1.8-mile Loop Trail
    • This is a paved trail and considered the most accessible portion of the loop. There’s plenty of wildlife including frogs and birds. Also plenty of nature to observe. A couple of people noted that their car got broken into while they were on trail. Please exercise safety while out and about!

  1. Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area (Salt River Shore and Rio Salado Pathway)
    • Reviews 4.3+ Average
    • 18.8-mile Loop Trail
    • There are a couple of options for this location. We will cover the longer one. This is considered an accessible trail with mostly paved paths and short dirt portions. There is a steep grade of 8-12% for about 0.5 miles. Someone with a wheelchair/mobility equipment may need assistance or to avoid this section. There are 2 designated accessible spaces in the paved parking lot off of South 7th Street at the west end of the trail.

  1. Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch
    • Reviews 4.5+ Average
    • 2.0-mile Loop Trail
    • This is a trail that has a lot of options for you regarding bird watching, fishing or simply walking. The trail is paved or gravel, there’s bathrooms and accessible parking spots. This is a low grade hike as well. Many people stated that this location doesn’t feel too crowded and if you go early there’s a chance you can see coyotes!

  1. Judith Tunnell Trail at South Mountain
    • Reviews 4.4+ Average
    • 1.3-mile Loop Trail
    • This trail is a double loop trail that is popular for birding and you can experience some solitude during some times of the day. There are spots to sit and a semi-steep grade. 0.5 grade of incline and the second loop is considered more difficult. There is not a lot of shade on the trail so bring plenty of sunscreen!

  1. Penny Howe Barrier Free Trail, North Mountain Park
    • Reviews 4.1+ Average
    • 0.5-mile Out & Back Trail
    • This trail is short but perfect for a quick walk. Many people have noted seeing wildlife and nice spots to sit. There’s parking and the trail is paved!

  1. Native Plant Trail, Lost Dutchman State Park
    • Reviews 4.3+ Average
    • 0.2-mile Loop Trail
    • This is only one trail of the state park noting plants and wildlife in the area. It’s very short but has nice views! Like all state parks this location has fees. We would recommend you look up the state park for more options depending on your level!

We hope you enjoyed reading about some of the beautiful accessible hikes in Phoenix. There’s much more options than the ones listed above. There are trails for everyone in Phoenix and if any of these excite you make sure to get out there and hit the trail! After you return home and you are looking for more accessibility there Rosarium Health is here for you! Rosarium Health provides services in updating your home to be more accessible for your needs as identified by an occupational therapist. If you or a loved one is interested in home modifications, reach out!

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