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Barrier Free Hikes in Houston

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Houston has a diverse community of hikers with many groups oriented towards connecting over hiking. If you are looking for some outdoor time before winter hits we have curated a list of various hikes including mountain trails, nature walks and urban paths. These are all barrier free trails as well so people of all abilities will have access. But don’t forget to double check conditions before going!

  1. Houston Arboretum & Nature Center
    1. Reviews 4.6+ Average
    2. 2.3-mile loop trail 
    3. This trail is a great place to go on a beautiful walk and bring a family. It has decent shade and is accessible to most. It does have natural trail surfaces but it includes some paved locations. Van accessible parking spots are included. There are fees included so look them up before going.

  1. Memorial Park - Seymour Lieberman Exercise Trail
    1. Reviews 4.5+ Average
    2. 3.0-mile loop trail
    3. There are a ton of trail options at memorial park. It is recommended to take a look at your options to see what sticks out to you. The Seymour Lieberman Exercise trail is a great option running 3.0 miles and has a gravel surface. Its low impact with seats on the trail. It can get muddy after it rains!

  1. Cullen Park Hike and Bike Trail
    1. Reviews 4.4+ Average
    2. 8.3-mile loop trail
    3. This is a longer trail that's paved and wheelchair friendly. It’s well shaded and includes many amenities including benches, trashcans, bathrooms etc.It is noted this trail has an uneven surface.

  1. Buffalo Bayou - Blue Lagoon Trail
    1. Reviews 4.5+ Average
    2. 2.1-mile out and back trail
    3. This is a great trail for views and is paved. Expect to see bikers on this trail as it's a popular spot. This has also been considered as less crowded than memorial park.

  1. Sims Bayou Greenway
    1. Reviews 4.5+ Average
    2. 6.9-mile out and back trail
    3. This is a developing trail through southern houston. It connects a lot of recreational amenities and parks. People have noted seeing wildlife on the trail and many different things along the trail to do. The full trail is disconnected  and has no shade so look up the trail ahead of time and choose a destination. 

  1. Brays Bayou Greenway Trail
    1. Reviews 4.3+ Average
    2. 33.8-mile out and back trail
    3. This is a very long trail as it's primarily a bike trail with disconnects. However it connects to a lot of locations like the zoo and other options. If you're looking to make a day in Southern Houston you can include some of this trail on your list!

  1. Mayde Creek Hike and Bike Trail
    1. Reviews 4.6+ Average
    2. 2.5-mile out and back trail
    3. This is a short, not very well known trail based on reviews. The reviews do state it's quiet and safe to enjoy. There’s a bridge on this trail and parks to stop at. 

  1. Hermann Park - Marvin Taylor Exercise trail
    1. Reviews 4.6+ Average
    2. 2.0-mile loop trail
    3. Hermann park includes more than a trail; it has a Japanese garden, zoo and museums. This is a great spot and hub with a lot of options. The trail itself is packed gravel with a low slope. It is also shaded with lots of wildlife to observe. It is connected to heavy traffic areas but is considered clean.

  1. Alexander Deussen Park
    1. Reviews 4.5+ Average
    2. 3.8-mile loop trail
    3. This is considered a quiet and safe park that is fully paved. The trail is also easy to follow. The downside is that part of the trail is closed due to construction.

  1. Terry Hershey Park - The Quail Trail from Sam Houston Tollway
    1. Reviews 4.5+ Average
    2. 9.9-mile out and back trail
    3. Terry Hershey has a lot of trails that are considered accessible but we wanted to include this one as it is a bit more challenging. It has a moderate slope and the trail is paved. There is a wooden bridge on the trail. Also, it is noted there’s limited parking on this trail. If this doesn’t work for you look at the many other trails that Terry Hershey includes. 

We hope this list of trails inspires you to get some outdoor time soon. There’s so many more options that we didn’t include on this list. Make sure to research ahead of time regarding conditions and rain. After you return home and you are looking for more accessibility there Rosarium Health is here for you! Rosarium Health provides services in updating your home to be more accessible for your needs as identified by an occupational therapist. If you or a loved one is interested in home modifications, reach out!

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