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Grab Bar Brands Guide: Top 5 Grab Bar Brands in the US

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The bathroom is potentially one of the most dangerous parts of any home. Think about it this way; a small, slippery room with limited space for motion and a couple of hard objects like the counter and bathtub. While most people will ignore the risk of injury from falls and slips in the bathroom, you can't afford to do the same if you have limited mobility.

You need to install grab bars in your bathroom to give you additional stability, prevent falls, and make it easier to move around the bathroom. Grab bars provide that extra sense of security and safety, especially if you're prone to falls and slips due to surgery, medical conditions, or injury. Generally, grab bars are your best friend if you require mobility assistance.

Installation of grab bars gives people with strength and balance issues an extra layer of independence. And depending on your individual needs, you may choose to install more than one grab bar. So, if you'd like to install grab bars but are unsure where to start, here are the top five grab bar brands you can consider.


1. Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip Grab Handle

The Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip Shower Handle is the ideal grab bar for you if you need a temporary solution that doesn't require drilling walls. This grab handle comes with a strong suction cup that efficiently attaches to smooth and flat surfaces, including tiles and glass. The grab bar's suction cup has textured rubber that gives the user a firm grip.

The best part is that this grab handle is portable, so you can use it at home or when away. While the grab bar can't handle your total weight, it gives you the much-needed support when getting in and out of slippery showers and tubs.

2. The Franklin Brass Concealed Screw Grab Bar

The Franklin Brass Concealed Screw Grab Bar is another excellent option for anyone who needs extra support using the bathroom or toilet. You can easily mount this grab bar as long as you have at least three screws.

But if you don't have studs, you can get the grab bar wall anchor from Franklin Brass. And the fact that this grab bar is made of rust-resistant stainless steel, you're guaranteed its durability.

3. Vaunn Medical Adjustable Bathtub Grab Bar Handle

The safety grab bar handle from Vaunn is designed to provide ultimate support and safety when getting in and out of the bathtub. That helps reduce the risks of falls and injuries in the bathroom. The best part about this grab bar handle is that it's portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry on the go.

You will especially love the fact that this heavy-duty grab bar rail is pretty easy to install. Isn't it interesting how you don't even need any tools for the installation process? On top of that, this grab bar handle fits perfectly on any bathtub with a thickness of 3-7 inches without leaving any dents or marks. The only downside is that you can't use the Vaunn grab handle on bathtubs made of porcelain or fiberglass.

4. Moen Home Care Stainless Steel Wall Mount Grab Bar

This wall mount grab bar from Moen Home Care is another highly reliable safety grab bar that directly attaches to a wall stud. That gives this grab bar a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds. In addition, this grab bar's textured surface offers users a secure grip.

The grab bar also comes with great versatility, allowing you to install it at different angles according to what best suits your needs and space design. Additionally, it’s worth noting that this grab bar complies with ADA guidelines (Americans with Disabilities Act).

5. LEVERLOC Shower Safety Grab Bar

LEVERLOC shower safety grab bar offers additional support for people with accessibility needs. The safety grab bar comes with suction cups that secures it well to glass, tiles and walls. It's important to note that the company recommends only installing the grab bar on nonporous surfaces.

Unlike other safety grab bars, the LEVERLOC shower safety grab bar is U-shaped and significantly sticks out further from the wall. That offers users ample space to grab the safety bar. According to the manufacturer, the rubber surface gives users a better grip on the grab bar.


In Summary

Grab bars are innovative home products that provide ultimate stability and support when getting in and out of the bathroom. And while anyone can purchase grab bars and install them in their bathrooms, they mainly benefit people with limited mobility and older adults. So, as you use a grab bar, always ensure you've installed it correctly. That guarantees you maximum support and reduces the chances of falls and injuries in the bathroom.

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