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Top 5 Accessible Modifications in the Garage

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Someone who lives with a disability will often require more aid to move around. And especially for wheelchair users, finding the best way in and out of their homes can be challenging. Steps are one of the most dominant accessibility barriers at the garage entrance that potentially pose the risk of slips and falls. 

Although a wheelchair is a life-changing aid, it can also feel bulky and make it harder to get around, especially if the garage is relatively tiny and lacks accessible modifications. So, what accessible garage modifications can you make to get from your home into your car and vice versa hassle-free? 

What are the Best Accessible Modifications in the Garage? 

  1. Automatic Garage Doors 

It’s crucial to make certain accessible modifications, especially in the garage, to make your home accessible and safer if you live with a disability. A garage door that you will need to open and close manually could be challenging to operate for someone with limited mobility. 

Therefore, one of the best accessible modifications in the garage would be installing an automatic smart garage door. That makes it easy to control the door from your smartphone or tablet. Also, the automated doors open automatically when someone is in close proximity, making it easier for anyone who might have problems with the traditional clicker. 

Since the door comes with smart features, it has an alert that notifies you if you leave it open. The best part is that you can check your garage door remotely and close it from wherever you are. 

  1. Rails and Grab Bars 

Adding grab bars and steel rails in the garage makes your garage more accessible by providing additional support and preventing accidental slips and falls. These rails can be easily customized to fit any home’s unique style and dimensions. Also, secure grab bars and safety railings are a budget-friendly solution for improving the safety of your home garage. 

  1. Ramps 

Modular ramps provide the safest entry and exit to your home’s garage. They can also be tailored to your individual needs. But make sure a licensed contractor installs them as they are specific slope safety regulations that you have to adhere to. 

The more steps you have, the more modular ramps you will need. And as a result, these ramps are ideal for larger garages as they tend to take up a lot of room. They are a great safety solution for anyone using a wheelchair, scooter, or even a walking aid. 

  1. Stair Lifts 

Stair and vertical platform lifts save a lot of space and improve efficiency in accessing your car or home via the garage. They are ideal if you have four steps or more and significantly smaller garages. While this equipment is pricier than railings, ramps, and grab bars, you can quickly get financial assistance from government and non-profit entities. 

  1. Declutter the Garage 

Another crucial modification to make your garage accessible is clearing up the space. In most homes, there’s often too much clutter in the garage, which only takes up too much space. Sort through the messes, keep what is necessary, and get rid of what needs to go. 

Do a nice cleaning purge of all the useless stuff that could be cluttering the space. We all love a multipurpose garage, but if you are serious about making it more accessible, it’s better to leave it purely for your car. 

In Summary 

When it comes to adapting your home for wheelchair accessibility, it’s crucial to consider both the inside and outside of your home. In this article, we have covered some of the best accessible garage modifications.

These modifications are aimed at providing great safety and comfort for someone with limited mobility. But before you start working on your home modifications, consult a home modification and accessibility specialist to devise the most ideal and affordable solution. If you need assistance finding a specialist our team is here to help. Check out our website for more details.

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