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Join us in embracing our new name Rosarium Health. Rosarium, derived from the Latin word for  "rose," represents the delicate but resilient essence of health and healing. Like the intertwined petals of a rose, it signifies the interconnection of each individual's path toward greater health. We hope that by changing our name, we will create a feeling of unity and compassion in our unique approach to the intersection of healthcare and housing. 

So, what is Rosarium Health? 

Rosarium Health is a risk-bearing, enablement platform with an integrated service provider network. We connect occupational therapists and home remodeling companies to households in need of accessible home modifications. Our mission is to create accessible communities by connecting People, Builders, and Services through a platform that is convenient and comprehensive. Our choice to adopt this new name is motivated by a strong feeling of empathy and purpose. It symbolizes our company's growth and our constant dedication to the health of households.

We understand that health is a profoundly personal and frequently difficult component of life. Rosarium Health has developed an innovative solution that alleviates both physical pain and the administrative hassle of working across the home improvement and healthcare industries. Our new name reflects our dedication to delivering compassionate treatment and serving individuals and their loved ones along their healthcare journey.  Instead of a name that conveys the services we enable (home modifications/repairs), we will have a name that conveys the outcome of our product (inclusive, accessible environments). 

Our core principles, purpose, and personnel have not altered. We will continue to develop solutions that improve health outcomes, increase access to great healthcare, and set the tone for the emerging healthcare and housing space. Our dedication to empathy, honesty, and creativity is central to our work. 

At Rosarium Health, we deliver experiences that are meaningful, localized, and personal. Cultural competency is essential to our mission because we recognize the significance of knowing and respecting varied origins and demands. This cultural competency enables us to remain present and acknowledge the existing obstacles and constraints households face in their lived experiences. We are well-equipped to handle the difficult terrain of both housing and healthcare fields because of our team’s experience in each respective industry.

We are dealing with a big issue. The lack of adequate, affordable, accessible housing is failing our country's residents. Today, 50 million individuals over 50 years of age live in substandard housing, and this number is expected to exceed 70 million by 2030. In-home accessibility is an important social predictor of health; however, just 3% of housing in the United States is accessible. Rosarium Health is a fulcrum to provide in-home care options, reduce healthcare disparities, and lower total medical expenditures by boosting household accessibility. In combining occupational therapy, home remodeling, and value-based care, Rosarium Health will establish a healthcare experience that supports better, more dignified health outcomes.

Thank you to our supporters for your unwavering confidence in our organization. Your faith in our vision has propelled us forward, and we are eager to begin this new chapter with you. For those newer to our work, we encourage you to join us on our vision of making the world accessible, always. 


Rosarium Health Team

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