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Rose’s Top 10 Accessibility and Disability Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

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As we enter the new year, we want to dedicate a post to individuals and teams who are having trailblazing conversations around accessibility and disability, particularly through podcasts. Podcasting is a medium that has been tremendous in democratizing and humanizing the experiences of so many groups around the world, especially within the accessibility and disability communities. Though stigma and knowledge gaps pertaining to accessibility and disability still exist in many circles, we want to highlight and champion folks who are breaking down those antiquated walls through humor, storytelling, and interviews. One of the reasons we’re excited about this post is because these podcasts have elevated and expanded our own thinking. Rose wouldn’t be here had it not been for some of the commentary and calls to action in these podcasts.

There are many ways to decide which podcasts are right for you. For us at Rose, here’s what we look for in podcasts we follow or subscribe to:

  • Are the hosts entertaining?
  • Does the podcast publish new episodes consistently?
  • Is there a certain theme or arc per episode?
  • How long are the episodes? (Not that you asked, but personally I’m a 30-45 minute episode kind of guy).
  • What’s my energy level throughout the episodes?
  • Is this a podcast I want to share with my friends/families?
  • Would I go see this podcast live?

As podcasts grow in popularity and become a part of our daily diet of content, we think the list below offers a diversity of options that can serve as a starting point or valuable additions to your rotation of podcasts . Though there are thousands of podcasts to choose from, we want to share the ones that have been integral to our own learning. This list highlights some of our favorite Accessibility and Disability Podcasts that are hosted by some brilliant and talented individuals. We recognize that many of these shows may be new to you, so we’re also recommending good episodes to start with, given the episode’s topic, the guest, or because we truly just loved it.  That said, you’re welcome to start with Episode 1. If you think we’re missing anything or would like to add to the list, leave a note in the comments section. As always, if you’re ever looking for resources or support with any home modification or assistive technology, please reach out to


Barrier Free Futures Podcast

Host: Bob Kafka
Frequency:  Weekly
Description: Bob Kafka is a disability rights pioneer, organizing for and championing      disabilities rights for over 40 years. In his weekly podcast, Bob interviews leading disability rights activists to discuss current news, historical movements, and experiences of those in the accessibility and disability communities.
Episode to start with: Beto O’Rourke (May 8th, 2021)
Transcription of episode included: Yes

Disability After Dark

Host: Andrew Gurza (Twitter:  @andrewgurza_)
Frequency:  Weekly
Description: Andrew and his guests have honest and meaningful conversations about      the disability experience in relation to sexuality, relationships, sex, and more. Conversation delves into personal stories and anecdotes, highlighting the good, the bad, and the unique lived experiences of so many globally. Note: Explicit language is used during the episode.
Episode to start with: Episode 220 - How Do We Make Sex Research Less Ableist? - Dr. Justin Lehmiller
Transcription of episode included: No

Disability Talks: Don't Dis My Ability

Host: Shelly Houser
Frequency:  Bi-weekly
Description: The podcast features true conversations about the daily experiences of living independently as an individual with a disability. Episodes range from topics related to stereotypes and micro-aggressions to building communities and lessons learned. A unique aspect about this podcast is the emphasis on disabilities that may not receive as much national attention, such as Progeria, Lupus, and more
Episode to start with: Dwarfism Awareness with Sofiya Cheyenne & Nic Novicki
Transcription of episode included: Yes

Disarming Disability

Host: Nicole Kelly (IG: @nicolegkelly) and Sarah Tuberty (IG: @aerials.and.airplanes)
Frequency:  Season 1 and 2 available for listening.  Season 3 is in development.
Description: Nicole and Sarah relationship dates back to 2014 when they met at a camp for limb-different children called Camp Winning Hands. Their relationship/friendship is evident through the chemistry of their podcast as they seek to “remove hostility through charm.” Each episode is a wonderful journey with guests ranging from disability representation in media, disability advocacy, Black Lives Matter protests, and many more pressing topics in today’s age.
Episode to start with: Getting Active: A Casting Director’s Perspective
Transcription of episode included: Yes

Down to the Struts

Host: Qudsiya Naqui (Twitter: @QudsiyaNaqui)
Frequency:  Each season has weekly episode releases
Description: Down to the Struts discusses the experiences that individuals with disability have with accessible design in a modern, digital world. Episodes discuss the impact of algorithmic bias on the disability community, inaccessibility and inequalities in the workplace, and other topics that are at the center of the daily experiences for millions of Americans.
Episode to start with: Making Voting Accessible
Transcription of episode included: Yes

Get Real: Talking mental health & disability

Host: Robyn Haydon and Karenza Louis-Smith
Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Description: Get Real highlights lived experiences of individuals living with a disability, a mental illness, or both. Set in Australia, Get Real discusses the unique intersections of everyday life of disability and mental illness. The podcast features academic experts, physicians, and other professionals to shed light on the challenges, opportunities, and examples that many navigate throughout their life.
Episode to Start with: Episode 4 – Housing for people with high complex needs
Transcript of Episode Included:

Included: The Disability Equity Podcast

Host: Bonnielin Swenor, Ph.D. (Twitter: @BonnieSwenorPhD) and Nick Reed ( Twitter: @NickSReed) Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Description: A podcast from the Johns Hopkins University Disability Health Research Center, hosted by Dr. Sweanor and Dr. Reed, Included seeks to challenge and dismantle ableism through data, storytelling, and policy news. Episodes are personal and intimate, tapping into cutting-edge research across multiple disciplines.
Episode to Start with: 19: Disability and Aging with Dignity
Transcript of Episode Included: Yes

Life Possible with a Disability

Host: Karen Roy (@lifepossiblekr)
Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Description: On Life Possible with a Disability, Karen interviews a range of professionals (e.g., Occupational Therapist, Assistive Technology Professionals, and others) in the disability community to highlight how to live your fullest life. She addresses topics like parenting, adaptive sports, representation, dating, and more.
Episode to Start with: Episode 12: Parenting with a Disability with my son, Austin Roy
Transcript of Episode Included: Yes

Ouch! … the cabin fever podcast

Host: Damon Rose, Kathleen Hawkins, Simon Minty
Frequency: Weekly
Description: A podcast series that dates back to 2015, Ouch! focuses on the lived experiences of individuals with disabilities that offers a global perspective, anchoring many stories to the United Kingdom. There’s a diversity of topics to choose from, with many episodes discussing multiple topics and having multiple guests.
Episode to Start with: Little Miss Burden
Transcript of Episode Included: Yes

The Disability Visibility Podcast

Host: Alice Wong (Twitter: @DisVisability)
Frequency: 100 episodes.  This podcast ended on April 2021
Description: The Disability Visibility Podcast discusses current events, policy, culture, and identity in the digital age. Topics range from marginalized groups within the disability community, to race, gender, accessibility, inequalities, and more. Guests include some of the leading activists, creators, community leaders, and pioneers of the disability community.
Episode to Start with: Ep 26: Future of Independent Living
Transcript of Episode Included: Yes

We hope you enjoyed the list! Please circle back in the future in case you’re ever interested in adding a new podcast to your rotation. If there’s something we’re not listening to that we should be, let us know in the comments. With that, we’ll be back next week with more content!

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