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Top Unique Accessible Home Modifications for 2022

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Home modifications can provide inclusion for any individual, with or without disability. Typically, houses with unique, accessible home modifications are termed as 'design for all.' That describes services, products, and systems for use by all people with different ability levels.

The concept of unique, accessible home modifications for all goes beyond retrofits, ramps, and curb cuts. That's because this entire process is not just about accessibility. It's a unique way of viewing the world and plans from the start knowing that it will accommodate any user- whether it's getting to the ballpark, in the office, or on the internet- you name it!

Unique, accessible home modifications

Today, laws make schools, transportation, public accommodations, housing, and sidewalks fully accessible in every city. To most people, accessibility has more to do with getting in and out of the house, using the bathroom, and working in the kitchen.

That said, home modifications can be as simple as doorknobs that are easy to work, a ramp that helps you get through the back door, or even grab bar places at the right place. Additionally, home modifications may involve widening the door or installing a unique sink and elevator.

It can get as fancy as you can afford it, and your architecture will make the necessary adjustments to the design. However, some solutions don't cost that much, while others will likely put a dent in your bank account. With that in mind, let's check out unique, accessible home modifications that are definitely worth every penny.

1. Widen Doorways

If you have anyone in your house with mobility issues, widening the doorways could help reduce any difficulties they may have while moving around the house. It makes it easy for anyone using a walker or a wheelchair. Depending on the location of the switches and other electrical outlets, the cost of this modification will vary. But it's worth considering.

2. Installing ramps and at least one no-step pathway

Without a doubt, stairs may be a challenge, especially for anyone with mobility issues. To help with their balance and movement, installing ramps is a necessary home modification. Typically, this will provide you with the much-needed independence when moving around the house. Additionally, you can add at least one no-step pathway to ensure a higher level of accessibility to your home.

Indoor threshold ramps are also necessary for older adults and anyone using a wheelchair. These ramps help to smoothen the transition from one surface to the next, making it absolutely safe to navigate within the house. These threshold ramps feature rubber-like materials which are easily adjustable. You can also find non-permanent ramps in the market that you can install by yourself without the help of a professional.

3. Kitchen modifications

Often, kitchen appliances might be a bit inaccessible for someone with mobility issues. For instance, if they are in a wheelchair, the cabinetry will likely be too high for them. That said, a professional contractor will have to adjust the counter's height and even lower the sink to make it accessible even in a seating position.

Additionally, people with accessibility issues prefer the microwave to be on microwave stands rather than on top of the cabinet, which is likely higher. These unique, accessible home modifications will ensure someone with mobility issues finds it easy to fix a plate in your kitchen.

4. Bathtub and Shower Modifications

Your home modification is not complete without making necessary adjustments in your bathroom. An excellent choice is to replace your bathtub with a walk-in shower. That's because a walk-in shower, compared to a bathtub, provides a much safer entry and exit. But if you still want to keep the bathtub option, you can consider using a walk-in tub instead of the traditional bathtub.

There are other less expensive options if you still want to keep your traditional bathtub in place. These modifications will include adding anti-slip material to your bathtub to reduce the chances of falling off. You can also add a safety bar that can be used to enter and exit the bathtub. Another option is adding a bathtub transfer bench which will enable you to sit safely on the bench while getting into the tub by lifting one leg at a time.

5. Medical Alert Safety System

An elaborate medical alert system is crucial for someone with a mobility challenge. This system monitors any person with health issues, especially if they are also dealing with accessibility issues. These medical alert systems are available in different systems, for instance, easy-to-use smartphone apps, wearable devices like smart watches or necklaces, and so much more.

Many of these systems have two-way speakers for direct communication with the wearer. A medical alert safety system can be an inexpensive yet necessary lifesaving tool in your home.

In Summary: Unique Accessible Home modifications in 2022

Well, there you have it! These unique, accessible home modifications will make your living space accommodate any person living with mobility issues. Each of these options comes with an inexpensive alternative choice, especially if you are on a budget. Take your time and identify some modifications you could make to ensure everything is in place.

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