Rosarium Health

How to invite a service provider to a job request while creating the job request

Let’s walk through how to invite a provider to a new job request while creating the job request.

  1. Click on the profile picture menu drop down
  2. Select Find a provider
  3. Search for a provider based on the criteria you desire
  4. Click on View Provider
  5. Click on Invite to Job
  6. When the “Is this an existing job or will you be creating one” dialog pops up, select “New Job”
  7. From here, you will navigate through the questions and answer them as best as you can.

After you enter in your contact preferences, click next which will submit your job request.

You will get a confirmation of the job requests creation and can navigate to the job request to:

  • Make changes to the information entered
  • Invite and un-invite service providers

Note: Once you have un-invited a provider, you can not re-invite them to your job request.