Rosarium Health

Service Provider - How to view all open job requests in your area

Clients can select to have their job requests viewable by service providers who service the address of the job requests.  To view open job requests within your service area:

  1. First make sure you have your Service Area set.  
  2. Click on the profile photo drop down and select “My profile”.  
  3. Click on Edit Profile and navigate to the service area section.
  4. The service area is the radius (in miles) from the company address listed on your profile.  Any job request address that is within this service area will appear in your “Personalized Leads” page.
  5. Once your service area is set, click Save
  6. click on Personalized Leads on the left menu of the profile page.

The job requests listed are those that clients have viewable by service providers who service their address.