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Service Providers - How to Accept a Lead and Contact a Client

Video: How to accept a lead and contact a client

Accepting a lead is easy on Rose.

1) Navigate to a proposal using one of the methods listed at How to Find Client Proposals (Job Requests).

2) Click on a proposal

3) Click on "Connect with this client"

4) If your credit card information is not on file, you will be prompted to enter it in. Sign up for a Rose Standard or Rose Pro Account. Rose Standard leads cost $39.99 per lead and Rose Pro leads cost $24.99. Rose Pro requires a monthly subscription of $49.99.

5) Afterwards you will receive a confirmation screen to confirm you want to connect with the provider

6) You will be charged based on if you have a Rose Standard ($39.99) or Rose Pro ($24.99) account.

7) After confirming the connection, you can access the client's contact information by clicking on "Schedule Intro Call" on the proposal screen

On the screen that appears, you will see the contact preferences indicated by the client (if they added their email or phone number as contact options). You will always be able to communicate with the client on Rose via direct message