How to Create a Job Request


1. Create a client account and log in.

2. Click on the drop-down menu under your photo

Client profile drop down click.jpg

3. Click on "Create a Job Request"

NEXT STEP: Begin the job request creation process

Step 1 - Choose the services you want completed.

Options Include:

  1. Help navigating around the bedroom

  2. Help navigating around the kitchen

  3. Help navigating within areas/rooms of the home

  4. Help navigating externally facing areas of the home

  5. Help with storage within the home

  6. Help navigating around the bathroom

  7. Help getting in or out of the home

  8. Help with lighting and visibility within the home

Step 2 - Enter information about the home which needs modification.

This will help the provider be more prepared to determine if they can work on your home or if they can give you an estimate.

Step 3 - What stage of the accessible home modification search are you in?

This will help the provider know how far along you are in your accessible home modification search.

Step 4 - Additional Project Related Questions.

This includes questions around payment method and non-HIPAA information related to your physical condition.

Step 5 - Photos, Videos, and Supporting Document Upload

This includes questions around payment method and non-HIPAA information related to your physical condition.

Step 6 - Communication Preferences

If you would not like service providers to have access to your personal phone or email, leave all the boxes unchecked.  Regardless of your selection, you will always be able to communicate with service providers via direct message on the Rose platform.

Additionally, you can toggle the job visibility option.  

You can keep it open to ensure you get the highest level of visibility and all service providers in your area will be able to view your request.  

Or you can limit the visibility to only invited providers.  If you select the invite only option, you will have to navigate to the job request page, search for, and invite service providers individually.

You can check out our video titled “Inviting Providers to an existing job request” to learn how to invite service providers to a job request you have created.

Click Next and Submit

If you selected to keep the job visibility open, your job request will now be visible to all service providers who service your area. If you limited visibility to only invited service providers, you must invite service providers to the job request (Please see Inviting Providers to an existing job request)