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Recap of the Inaugural Home Modification Event in Louisville

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In a vibrant fusion of expertise and innovation, Louisville recently played host to the inaugural Home Modification Symposium, a collaborative initiative spearheaded by Thrive Center and Rosarium Health, generously sponsored by Prudential Peak. This gathering brought together a diverse group of leaders from various sectors, all driven by a shared vision of enabling seniors to age gracefully and independently within their homes. Let's embark on a journey through the enriching discussions, panels, and workshops that unfolded over the course of this two-day event.

Day One: Setting the Stage

The first day of the event featured an array of panels and discussions that addressed the many challenges surrounding housing and aging communities. We delved deep into the core issues with experts leading the charge.

AARP: Housing Challenges Across the U.S. in Aging Communities

Scott Wegenast from AARP, shed light on the housing challenges that are prevalent across aging communities nationwide and the role AARP is helping to alleviate housing disparities. Through his presentation, attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of the broader landscape, which laid the groundwork for more focused discussions to come.

Resource: AARP Livability Index

Louisville Housing Challenges

Marilyn Harris of The Louisville Metro Affordable Housing Trust Fund moderated a panel on Louisville's specific housing challenges. Joined by Richard Ballard (Revert Program) and Michael Gardner (Rebound Program), the conversation explored innovative solutions to address the unique needs of Louisville's residents, emphasizing collaboration and community-driven initiatives.

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Housing Challenges for a Disabled Population

Dr. Dennis Lesch and Dr. Laura Stimler led a compelling discussion on housing challenges for the disabled population, highlighting the importance of accessibility and inclusivity in home design. Their insights provided invaluable guidance for creating environments that cater to diverse needs and abilities for individuals across the age span.

Talks at the symposium

Prudential Peak

John Sieb's overview of Prudential Peak’s long-term care insurance served as a vital resource, offering attendees valuable insights into financial planning and risk management strategies for long-term care needs. After the boom-bust of the long-term care industry in the 1990-2000’s, safer measures and richer benefits are driving an industry poised to serve a rapidly aging U.S. population.

Resource: Long-Term Care: What to Know and How to Plan

Housing an Aging Population

Moderator Kiara James, CEO of Pushing Forward, led a thought-provoking panel on housing an aging population, exploring innovative approaches to accommodate the evolving needs of seniors. The dialogue spurred creative ideas and actionable strategies to foster age-friendly communities.The discussion pivoted to the housing impact on social determinants of health, underscoring the intricate interplay between housing and overall well-being. It emphasized the pivotal role of housing in shaping health outcomes and the urgent need for holistic interventions.

Resource: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Healthy People 2030 - Neighborhood and Built Environment

Louisville’s Intersection of Housing & Health

The day ended with a riveting panel discussion on Louisville's intersection of housing and health, featuring insights from real estate nonprofit New Directions and CapABLE Living.Their holistic approach emphasized the symbiotic relationship between housing and health, inspiring attendees to rethink traditional paradigms and embrace innovative solutions.

Resource: Kentucky’s HCBS Waiver Program

Group panel discussion

Day Two: From Vision to Action

Building upon the foundation laid on day one, day two saw participants roll up their sleeves and dive into practical workshops and case studies led by Rosarium Health.

Rosarium Health's platform, designed to empower seniors to age with dignity through accessible home modifications, took center stage. Through interactive work sessions, attendees gained hands-on experience with the platform, exploring its potential to drive positive change in Louisville's aging population.

Cam presenting in Louisville

The highlight of the day was the series of case studies based on Louisville's housing challenges, facilitated by Rosarium Health. Participants collaborated to tailor public and private solutions, leveraging their collective expertise to address the specific needs of Louisville residents.

These case studies served as a catalyst for innovation, sparking creative ideas and fostering meaningful collaborations across sectors. Participants left the event equipped with actionable insights and a renewed sense of purpose, ready to champion transformative change in their communities.

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In Conclusion: A Call to Action

The inaugural Louisville Home Modification event was more than just a gathering of minds—it was a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and collective action. As we reflect on the discussions, panels, and collaborative workshops, one thing has become abundantly clear: the journey toward creating age-friendly communities is just beginning.

Now, armed with newfound knowledge and inspiration, it is incumbent upon each of us to carry the torch forward. Let us heed the call to action, leveraging our collective expertise and passion to drive meaningful change in Louisville and beyond. Together, we can create a future where every individual has the opportunity to age with dignity, independence, and grace within the comfort of their own homes.

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